display: mediating landscape

photo by Diana Cimino Cocco


                                    in process – February 2014  

The relations evoked between varying works of art, pragmatics of
presentation, and existing spatial condition is the initial premise
for this project. It presents a group show of multiple objects in
juxtaposing order, within the historic context of Sala Murat, Bari.
To mediate and accentuate the intricate layers of these relations, a
series of tangible display objects are designed and constructed as
part of the exhibition. These objects occupy a formal position,
intervening with the displayed artwork to provide micro spaces to
inhabit, settle, lean, hang, lay etc.

There is anticipation for tension and dialogue throughout
the process of production, display and setup. These are
the moments that we hope to elaborate through discourse and
writing around the notion of display; touching upon issues of
proximity, adjacency, space, form and objecthood as it evolves 
from the reactions and development of this project.

Location : Sala Murat, Bari, Italy
The location chosen for the exhibition is “Sala Murat”, a 400 m 
public space managed by the Municipality of Bari, which hosts 
events ofgeneral nature and contemporary art exhibitions - We 
like its hybrid, popular and “democratic” line. It is located in 
Piazza del Ferrarese, a very central and frequented part of the 
city, one of the main meeting points in Bari and one of the gates 
to the medieval part ( Sea Gate or Southern Gate, opened in 1612 
to facilitate entry of goods in the nearby “Piazza Mercantile”). 


The display object - the formal position it occupies within the
exhibition space and its capacity to encapsulate other objects,
initiates the formation of the DISPLAY-SCAPE. A central
consideration in artistic and curatorial practice is the questioning
of conventional notions of display, the white plinth, raised
surface, vetrine etc. In this project ip experiments with the idea
of ‘display’ as an active agent through the evolution of a
landscape; composed of of articulated surfaces producing
opportunities for multiple displays.

In so doing the work as an accumulated group exhibition forms a
unied network of objects within the layered surfaces of the
display. Initially perceived as a whole, a unied landscape; then
decomposed in smaller constituents to recognize each individual
art piece independent of the other. It cannot be denied that the
positioning of the pieces results in adjacencies that evoke a
specic relation and dialogue between the art works.
The display object is designed without the specications of the
individual pieces. Mindful of the artwork to be exhibited, the
display takes shape and manifests itself within the space of Sala
Murat. The display assembles and unfolds into a landscape, onto
which each work is positioned.

DISPLAY_SCAPE will be designed, constructed and curated by flip.